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Citroën Contract Motoring

This is where you find your ideal business fleet. Select tailored finance, protection against the unplanned and industry standard maintenance. You should expect nothing less from Citroën. With SB Wakefield you can establish a finance plan that fits your business and cash flow. And Citroën Contract Motoring can protect you in the event of ’total loss’ insurance claims with optional Contract Hire Plus. Discover the advantages of Citroën Contract Motoring Maintenance with its comprehensive care and service support.

Contract Hire is designed for companies who want to change vehicles every two or three years, without the hassle and responsibilities that go with ownership, such as depreciation and disposal.

Elect 3 Pro is shaped for people who prefer to own their vehicle, with the added advantage of a guaranteed future value, so you know from the start how much the sale price will be in the future.


Business Lease is a no-compromise balance. It gives you control over cash flow, its tax efficient and an alternative to actual vehicle ownership.

Hire Purchase is simplicity itself. You own the chosen vehicle and have a fixed payment that is set to suit your budget from the start.

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From £1,074 Deposit

Only £179 +VAT Per Month

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From £1,195 Deposit

Only £199 +VAT Per Month

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From £1,482 Deposit

Only £247 +VAT Per Month

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